Transfer photos videos music files between iPhone and Computer for FREE

File exchange between mobile phones and computers is a hot topic. More and more people nowadays own both a smartphone and a computer. Many people may send a copy of their data from mobile phone to computer for backup or editing, then transfer the data back from computer to mobile phone so they can carry them on the go. Today, we will introduce you an easier but more effective way to share all kinds of files between iPhone and computer, including photos, movies, music, documents like word/exel/ppt/txt/page/number/epub/chm/tif/tga/xbm, videos like avi/flv/rmvm/rm/mov/mp4/mp3/wma and more data and file types. What you need is only the FileMaster app on your iPhone. It works with iPad and iPod touch too. This file manager can help you move files around using your local wi-fi network. You can connect up your iOS devices and computer to the same wi-fi network, then freely send files from one device to another over Wi-Fi. Best of all, this app is available on Apple App Store for Free.

Transfer photos, videos, music between iPhone and Computer

Run FileMaster on your iPhone, you can see its main interface like this.

iphone filemaster main interface

Touch the More… button to review more settings and options within this FileMaster app.

iphone filemaster settings options

Choose WiFi Transfer from the context menu above. You will be taken to another screen on iPhone with a local IP address like below.

iphone filemaster wifi transfer

Make sure your iPhone and computer are connected to the same wi-fi network or wireless router. Then access above IP address on your computer. Open any web browser on your PC or Mac, such as IE, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, then type the above IP address in the address bar of your browser and press Enter to access it.

iphone filemaster iphone computer data wifi transfer

Now you can browse to folders and files on your iPhone right on your computer. Select any folder or files to download from iPhone to computer. If you like to transfer files the other way around, click Start Upload button at the top right corner to browser to the file on your PC or Mac and upload it to iPhone. The file transfer between iPhone and computer through Wi-Fi is extremely fast. As FileMaster app simply copy files within your local network, no files or data will leave your local wi-fi network. You can even disconnect your router from internet and exchange files between iPhone and PC wirelessly using this FileMaster app.

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  1. Thanks so much. Finally a solution! I have the common problem of my phone running an iOS that my mac no longer supports. Apple I love you but I do not want to buy a new mac 🙂

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