Transfer videos and music from computer to iPhone through Wi-Fi

AirMore is a fast wireless file transfer tool for iPhone iPad. If you want to avid the hassle of syncing your media files through iTunes or converting them to iPhone iPad compatible format, you can simply download and use this free audio, video file transfer and player app. No need to plug your iPhone into your computer via USB. No downloads or installation required on your laptop or desktop. A web browser is all you need on the computer side. No matter what type of audio formats or video formats you got on your computer, the file transfer app can play them on your iPhone or iPad directly without conversion. Check out details below.

Download AirMore free file transfer app onto your iPhone or iPad first. We will use an iPhone and Windows 10 computer in this demo. Run AirMore on the iPhone, you get a web transfer address. Simply visit this address from a desktop browser to connect. Make sure both iPhone and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network before you connect them.

AirMore for iphone - home
AirMore for iphone – home

You can also connect by local IP address without connecting to internet or use your internet connection. Tap on the Menu at the top right corner to get the local IP address. Then access this IP from your desktop browser.

When you see the connection request on iPhone, tap on Accept button to confirm and establish the connection. From the home screen of its web interface, click Music > Import > Import Files or Import Folder to select music songs on your PC and transfer them to your iPhone wirelessly. The UI is so simple and intuitive. And you will be amazed by how fast the file transfer is.

airmore web interface for Mac music management, transfer
airmore web interface for Mac music management, transfer

To transfer videos from computer to iPhone, switch to the Videos tab, click Import > Import Files or Import Folder to select video files and albums and send them from your PC or Mac to iPhone or iPad through Wi-Fi.

Disconnect your PC from AirMore on iPhone. Open its Music tab from the bottom, you can then find all the received music tracks. Tap to play any song you like. Open the Videos tab in AirMore to play the videos and movies you have sent from your computer. It supports many different audio and video formats.

Stream music, movies from iPhone to computer

Other than uploading media files from computer to iOS device, you can also download files from iOS to computer, or even stream music, movies, videos from iPhone to PC or Mac, very useful media transfer and stream tool. Best of all, it is free to use without any ads.

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