Transfer Videoshop video files to computer

Videoshop is the must-have video editor app for iPhone and iPad users. You can create amazing videos on the go in easy steps with your iPhone. Mix photos, videos, add text, effects, apply cinematic transitions to create great photo slideshows on iPhone and many more.

edit video using videoshop video editor on iphone

Sometimes however your source videos may be saved on computer or other mobile devices. In order to edit them on iPhone using this video editor, you’ll need to send them from computer or other phones to iPhone first. On the other hand, you may want to transfer video files from Videoshop to computer so you can enhance them using a desktop video editor, publish the videos to your vblog, website, etc. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi transfer feature is currently missing in Videoshop. Today we’ll show you third-party solutions to send videos between iPhone and computer or another mobile phones.

Transfer videos from iPhone to PC or the other way around using Shareit

The first transfer app for iOS comes to my mind is Shareit which is not only easy to use but also free. You can get the free iPhone transfer app here. In order to use it to send files from iPhone to computer or computer to iPhone, you need to download its mobile version on iPhone and desktop version on PC or Mac. The mobile version can be found from App Store and desktop versions from its official site. Unlike many of its competitors that offers only the mobile or desktop version for free, they all come for free with this cross-platform file transfer solution.

shareit app for iphone

Sending files from iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac is extremely easy. Run its desktop client on computer, click to Show QR Code. Then run its mobile version on iPhone, open its menu from the left side, choose Connect PC/Mac >> Scan to Connect, point your iPhone camera to the QR code provided by its PC or Mac version. Your phone and computer will be connected wirelessly and the file transfer portal opens on both your iPhone and computer. You can choose videos and other files to send from computer to iPhone or select videos and other files to send from iPhone to PC/Mac. No cable or iTunes needed! You can refer to this tutorial to transfer files between mobile phones and PC for more details. Mobile to mobile data sharing and transfer is also made easy. See these steps to send photos and videos on mobile phones using Shareit.

Share videos between iPhone and computer using Tunesgo

iTunes is no doubt the most powerful iOS content manager. It can help iOS users sync a wide variety of data and docs. And at the same time it becomes very complicate and lots of users find it difficult to use. Tunesgo is a great iTunes alternative. It is not so feature rich as iTunes, but for the majority of us, it can do almost everything we want it to. We’ve introduced this iPhone file transfer and management tool in several articles before. For instance, you can refer to this guide to add ringtones from computer to iPhone without iTunes; check out these steps to import contacts from PC to iPhone. It has made file sharing between your iOS device and computer much easier than iTunes.

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