Turn on or off the auto scanning in Adobe Scan

The “automatic scanning” feature is extremely annoying. I have tried to scan a document but it keeps on scanning only the picture in the middle of the document. (iPhone – and this feature cannot be turned off in the settings.)

We can see both the auto and manual scanning modes in almost all popular PDF scanners. Scanner Pro by Readdle is just another example. See how to automatically scan PDF documents using Scanner Pro on iPhone.

The automatic scanning feature of Adobe Scan can greatly improve your productivity. It can scan anything with precision. The mobile PDF scanner app makes use of its advanced image technology to automatically detects borders, sharpens scanned content, and recognizes text (OCR). Sometimes however it may not work well when you need to scan part of a page, scan torn pages, scan in low light, etc. Under these situations, you should turn off the auto scan and perform the scan manually.

adobe scan for iphone auto vs manual scanning modes
adobe scan for iphone auto vs manual scanning modes

To turn on or off the auto scanning mode in Adobe Scan on iPhone is easy. Run the document scanner app on your iPhone to scan a document, you will see a small shutter icon before the big shutter button at the bottom middle bar. If you see a backslash above the smaller shutter, it means the auto scanning mode is disabled. You can touch on this icon to turn on automatic scanning. When the auto scan is enabled, you will see the A letter above the small shutter icon.

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