Turn Photos into Paintings using Prisma on iPhone

If you want to transform your photos to art, convert iPhone photos into paintings, Prisma photo editor is what you need. It pulls artwork filters from the painterly styles of famous artists like Picasso and Van Gogh, so you can turn your photos into oil paintings in one tap.

Convert iPhone Photos to Oil Paintings

Run Prisma photo editor app on your iPhone. Browse to your Camera Roll to import your photo or image in to the editor. Choose from the various filters, such as Thota Vaikuntam, Gothic, Mononoke, Dallas, Mosaic, Curly Hair, Daryl Feril, Tokyo, Femme, etc. For a sketch effect, check out the Curly Hair, Daryl Feril, Heisenberg filters. For oil painting effect, check out the Thota Vaikuntam, Gothic, Mononoke, Dallas, Mosaic filters.

Turn Photos into Paintings using Prisma on iPhone

Slide left or right on your phone screen to adjust the intensity of the filter. It also offers many other tools, like Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Vibrance, Gamma, Sharpen, Highlights, Shadows, Temperature, Tint, Vignette, etc.

Tap the Save&Share button, choose Save to save the oil painting to your Camera Roll, or share it in your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Several reasons we think you may like Prisma:

  • 300+ different artistic filters to choose from
  • Download new styles from the Store
  • Fine-tune your pictures using tools like exposure, sharpness, contrast, brightness, etc.
  • Discover the online Prisma community & share your creations

Get the app now to express your creativity.

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