Use WhatsApp on iPad

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat apps for mobile phones users. It however does not support iPad at this moment. If you are a WhatsApp loyal user who is looking for the WhatsApp iPad version, this guide is right for you. Today, we will show you how to use Whatsapp on iPad with a third party app. You can download this free iOS app from App Store to your iPad. No jailbreak required.

Use WhatsApp on iPad without jailbreaking

Before WhatsApp for iPad is available, the workaround is to use a free free iOS app named Messenger for WhatsApp. You can download it from App store on to your iPad. Just like WhatsApp Web, the messenger app for WhatsApp is an extension of your phone, which simply mirrors your WhatsApp conversations from mobile phone to iPad. It works like how you can send and receive text messages (SMS) on computer. One mirrors WhatsApp from mobile phone to iPad, the other mirrors the default messaging app from phone to computer. To use WhatsApp messenger on iPad, you can follow these steps.

Run App Store on iPad, search and find “Messenger for WhatsApp”, tap to install it on your iPad. See below screenshot.

download messenger for whatsapp ipad version from app store

This is a free messenger app for iPad with in-app purchase to remove ads from the app. Run this Messenger for WhatsApp on iPad, you will be prompted to log in WhatsApp. To connect your iPad to WhatsApp, simply open WhatsApp on your mobile phone, go to Settings >> WhatsApp Web, then scan the QR code in Messenger for WhatsApp and you are done.

scan qr code to signin whatsapp on ipad via messenger for whatsapp

You can authorize the iPad connection to WhatsApp for web using an Android mobile phone, iPhone, Windows phone, Blackberry, Nokia and so on. Once you logged in WhatsApp from iPad, you can start chatting with your family and friends just like you can do on your cell phone, but with bigger retina display of iPad and bigger virtual keyboard on iPad.

use whatsapp on ipad via messenger for whatsapp

With this WhatsApp for iPad client, you can chat with your WhatsApp contacts, share photos and videos from iPad with phone users through WhatsApp, start a group chat, and so on. All messages sent or received on iPad will be saved to the source mobile phone as well. Also if you delete some WhatsApp data on iPad, the data will be removed from source device as well.

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