Use Wireless Drive to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad over Wifi

Scan QR code to open page on iPhone iPad

Wireless Drive Pro goes free today on App store. I did give it a test drive and find it is working well if you want to send photos from computer to iPad. You can only send files from computer, both Mac and Windows PC, to your iPhone or iPad, you can not transfer files from iPad or iPhone to computer. Basically if you want to take out your digital files and going somewhere without internet connection, and you do not want to carry your computer with you. You can transfer the files from computer to your iPhone or iPad with this app. It works like a Flash drive, they all store files or data. A flash drive does not have a screen to display your file store, the Wireless Drive does not allow you to transfer files or data back from iOS device to computer.

Latest Update: we have found better iPhone iPad wireless transfer apps as below

Use Wireless Drive to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad over Wifi

The Wireless Drive app is relatively easy to use. You can use it to upload photos from computer to iPad through local wifi network following below steps.

Step 1. Install Wireless Drive to iOS Device

Tap to download the transfer app for iOS in App store on your iPhone or iPad. You can buy it for $2.99.
Wireless Drive PRO - Transfer & Share Files over WiFi
wireless drive pro on app store

Download the Wireless Drive onto your iPhone or iPad.

You can also check out its real user reviews on App store.

wireless drive user reviews


Step 2. Run Wireless Drive on your iPad when it is installed

wireless drive home screen on ipad

Step 3. Connect up iPad and PC over wifi

Tap on the Connect button on the lower right bottom, you will then get the connection tips as below.

wireless drive connection tips

By default, you will be offered with a URL  To connect your iPad and computer, you need to access this URL link provided by Wireless Drive on iOS device from your computer web browser. In this case, I type in the transfer address on my Firefox browser on Windows OS, refer to below screen capture. You will then see a screen with a QR code on the page. Now go to the Wireless Drive app on iPad, and tap on the Start button, see above screenshot.

Note that the default port 4096 may not always work. In my test, I find it does NOT work. The workaround is to change to another port number. I change the port number from 4096 to 4097, then it works. You can modify the access port on iPad from the Wireless Drive >> Settings.

The address in this example is, however it could change all the time. It is a local or internal IP address of your device. It is not the public IP address over the web, but the local IP address which is valid in your local network. For example, when many iPhone or iPad users connecting to the same Wi-Fi network, each of them will get an unique internal IP address, however their public IP address / external IP address would be the same. Check out this guide see: How to Find out your internal IP address on iPad?

access wireless drive ipad with web browser on pc

By scanning the QR code, the Wireless Drive knows that your web browser on PC requests to connect to your iPad. You will get a screen with options to either approve or disapprove the connection request from PC.

connection pc and ipad was established via wireless drive

Tap on OK button as shown above, your iPad and PC will be connected immediately over Wifi.

connection pc and ipad was established via wireless drive

Step 4. Send Files from Computer to iPad through Wireless Drive

Now your iPad and computer are connected over wi-fi in the help of this Wireless Drive app for iOS. You can start transfer photos and other files or documents from computer to iPad or iPhone over wi-fi.

upload files from pc to ipad with wireless drive for iOS


Once the files uploaded from computer, Mac or Windows, to iOS device, you will be able to find them in the Wireless Drive app. See below screencast. Let’s take the image files as an example to show how you can save files from Wireless Drive to iOS device. Tap to select a photo first, you wil see a dialogue pops up, see below figure. You can choose to open the selected files in a compatible app on iOS device. You can also choose to look the select image with Quick Look on iOS 7, or choose Save to Camera Roll to save it to your iPhone or iPad.

save files from wireless drive to ipad


Note that if you tap on Save to Camera Roll and do not get any response from the Wireless Drive and you can’t find the selected photos saved from the app to Camera Roll, then go to iOS Settings >> Privacy >> Photo and make sure Wireless Drive is listed there with permission to access your photos on iOS device. On my iPad which is running on the latest iOS 7, I did n’t find the transfer app on that list though, thus can’t check and grant privilledges to this app to allow it to access my photos. Luckily when I tap on Quick Look to preview the selected photos, I found there is a Save option to allow me to save the file from Wireless Drive to iPad Camera roll. After that I received a prompt about the app asking permission to access my photos on iPad. After that, I found the transferred photos from Camera Roll. And since then, the Wireless Drive is displayed in the iOS Settings >> Privacy >> Photo section. Although I still can’t tap on the Save to Camera Roll to export a image file from the app to iOS device, the Quick Look alternative seems to work just fine.


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