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video slimmer
The videos we have recorded on iPhone iPad or iPod touch are usually very big and take up the majority of the space on our iOS device. If you want to reduce video file size and preserve some space for new photos, videos, apps, you can either load them off from iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer and delete the source videos from the iOS device, or use a video editor to convert the source videos to smaller files. Video Slimmer App is a professional iOS app to help those iOS users, who don’t mind loosing some quality, quickly shrink big videos to much smaller size.

Save up to 80% space

Directly compress videos on iPhone iPad and reclaim lots of precious space in no time

Customize videos

Adjust video resolutions, file size, video quality, etc.

Batch and fast processing

Batch add multiple videos and reduce file size at the same time

Wireless file transfer

Built-in support to transfer videos to computer through Wi-fi

how to

download the app

How to compress videos on iPhone iPad?

1. Add videos
video slimmer app for ios

2. Customize video output settings – optional
video slimmer app settings

3. Convert video files

video slimmer app convert videos to smaller files

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This is an excellent app. It does what it says it will do. It does it well, it does it fast. It is very easy to use.
One thing: you should be able to email the slimmed video from within the app. But you cannot. You must save it, then go into your camera roll, then grab it, then email it.
Regardless, this is a near perfect app.

An excellent app that needs one big fix

Before using this app, I never had room on my phone. And I couldn’t edit any of my videos on my computer video software because the program couldn’t even work with videos as big as those created on the iPhone. With this app, it’s all fixed!

Works well!

This App Is A Slam Dunk Winner!
– It Has Never Crashed in Over Five Years Use
– It’s Handled Every Video I’ve Thrown At It
– You Can Customize The % Of Size Reduction
– You Can Customize The Video Dimensions
– lt’s Fast, It’s UI ls Perfect And It’s A Beast!
Highest Recommendationl!

Using it for 5 Years and it’s Reliable

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