View & Share Wi-Fi password on iPhone

In iOS 15 and earlier versions, the Wi-Fi password is hidden on iPhone. We can’t view or share Wi-Fi passwords with friends or family unless we are both signed into iCloud, have each other added to the Contacts, keep both devices within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range, etc. It is a daunting task to share your Wi-Fi password from your iPhone, iPad. And it is more difficult to share Wi-Fi password with Android mobile phones and Windows computers. Contrarily it is very easy and straightforward to share Wi-Fi passwords from Android mobile phones to other phones and computers. Fortunately Apple has just added the same feature to iOS 16. We will show you how to view, copy and share Wi-Fi password on iPhone that is running on iOS 16 in this quick guide.

View Wi-Fi password on iPhone

First of all, you need to upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS 16. Then go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the wireless network you like to share. Tap on the information icon (i inside a circle in blue). You will then find the Password below the Auto-Join.

find, view, copy, share Wi-Fi password from iPhone settings

Tap on the Wi-Fi password, then verify your FaceID or TouchID to view it. And there will also be a Copy option allow you copy Wi-Fi password so you can easily save, share or send the Wi-Fi password. It becomes very easy to see and share Wi-Fi password from our iPhone with family and friends now.

Share Wi-Fi password from iPhone via AirDrop

There are different ways to share WiFi password from your iPhone with other devices. If you need to send the Wi-Fi network password from iPhone to a Mac, you can simply take a screenshot on iPhone to capture the Wi-Fi password and save it as an image on iPhone, then send the screenshot from iPhone to Mac via AirDrop which works over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It is useful when you need to share Wi-Fi passwords with other people without using their device or when your iPhone or Mac is charging in another room.

Share your iPhone’s cellular data via Personal Hotspot

Other than sharing Wi-Fi network or internet connection, you can also turn on another built-in feature, Personal Hotspot, to share your iPhone’s internet connection. This is very useful when there’s no Wi-Fi network available and you like to access the internet from your computer or you need to connect up two mobile phones to the same network for file sharing. More detailed instructions can be found from this guide to share iPhone’s internet connection via Personal Hotspot.

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