Voice Recorder HD – Recording

This app is not recommended any more, useful features getting removed from the free version with new releases.

Voice Recorder HD is designed to meet all your recording needs and help you work efficiently, including Audio Recording, Playback, Management, Sharing, Editing, and more. Let everything be in perfect order.

voice recorder hd logo
voice recorder hd logo

There are many recording modes in the app, such as “Start recording at the scheduled time’,’ “Record via Bluetooth device”, “Record and mix selected audio or video’,’ also “Record only when speaking” will not record the blank sound and save the storage.

Many professional audio editing functions such as trim, split, merge, mix, change pitch, change speed, increase volume, etc are presented to users in a compact and intuitive way.

Voice Recorder Pro supports iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, you can sync recordings between different devices via iCIoud.

voice recorder hd


  • Record and Mix a Selected Audio or Video
  • Record and Mix the Current Playing Sound
  • Start Recording at the Scheduled Time
  • Record via Bluetooth Headset
  • Record Only When Speaking
  • Mark Important Moments


  • Trim
  • Split
  • Merge
  • Mix
  • Change Pitch
  • Change Speed
  • Increase Volume


  • Save to Album
  • iTunes File Sharing
  • iCIoud Drive
  • Add Reminder
  • Make a Ringtone
  • Transcribe



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This app is not recommended any more, useful features getting removed from the free version with new releases.

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2 thoughts on “Voice Recorder HD – Recording”

  1. Would you know how to recover the recordings stored in this app’s cloud if was removed from the phone but cannot be found again in the apple store? Or the name of the company who made it to ask them?

    1. We suggest reaching out to the app developer to inquire about any possible methods for recovering those recordings within the application. there are some third-party data recovery tools, but they usually require a fee.

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