Voice Recorder HD WiFi File Sharing

Voice Recorder HD – Recording is feature-rich audio recorder and editor app for iPhone, iPad which designed to meet all your recording needs, including Audio Recording, Playback, Management, Sharing, Editing, and more. You will love the ease of recording, playback and editing. Today, we will introduce a cool feature of this sound recorder for iPhone, the WiFi File Sharing. We will show you how the Voice Recorder HD allows its users to share audio recordings over WiFi.

Backup & Share your voice recordings over WiFi

Connect your iPhone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the recorder app on your iPhone, your recent recordings will be listed at its home screen.

voice recorder hd - recording app for iphone
voice recorder hd – recording app for iphone

Tap the gear icon at the top left corner to open the Settings screen. Then find and tap to start Wi-Fi File Sharing. You will get two addresses, numeric and alphabetic addresses. Now go to open your desktop browser on PC or Mac, and visit the above WiFi transfer address. Based on my own experience, the numeric IP address works well, the other one is problematic. You will then open the list of all your sound recordings saved in the recorder app on your computer.

You can now tap on a sound recording, then choose Save > OK in the pop-up dialog to save the selected voice recording file from iPhone to your computer over Wi-Fi.

In this way, you can backup or transfer your sound recordings from iPhone to computer. It doesn’t even need internet connection. All files will be downloaded in your local network. As a result, the transfer speed is very fast.

You can also use the WiFi File Sharing feature to share voice recordings with other mobile phone users.

Sound recording sharing troubleshooting

If you can’t access iPhone from computer to load the audio recordings off, the first thing you should check is the Wi-Fi network. You must ensure both devices being connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Public Wi-Fi may prohibit the data exchange across different devices over WiFi. Modem with WiFi, modem routers or modem/router combo may not work properly sometimes.

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