Whiten your teeth in photo on iPhone

Stained teeth can occur as we age. There are various remedies can help whiten our teeth. Professional photographers and graphic designers use Photoshop on computer to perfect their photos. Photoshop is the most powerful one and Movavi Photo Editor one of the easiest. Both of them can make your teeth brighter and whiter in picture on desktop computer. Now you can do that right on your iPhone without the expensive price tag. Today, we will show you the easy steps to make your teeth whiter in picture on iPhone, using the fun & powerful portrait and selfie photo editor. It is much easier than Photoshop and you save the trip sending the photo to a computer. Best of all, it becomes so easy to retouch and add artistic flair to your selfies and portraits on iPhone using Facetune app. It gives us the ability to perfect smiles, smooth skins, penetrate eyes, reshape facial structure, vivid makeup and more.

facetune app

Run the selfie editor app on iPhone. Load your portrait from photo album into the editor. Select Retouch > Whiten at the toolbar at the bottom. Pinch to zoom in or enlarge the photo if need. Then swipe over the teeth to make them whiter. You will see a bar at the lower section of your phone screen, drag it to the right to make your teeth whiter.

whiten teeth in photo on iphone using facetune app

Once you are done, tap on the Confirm (check icon) at the bottom left corner, then tap the Save icon at the top right corner, you can then save the portrait or selfie to you camera roll on iPhone, share it via message, email, WhatsApp and more.

Update Nov 2022: updated the screenshot to reflect the change of UI in latest release of Facetune version 3.5.1.

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