Wi-Fi Easy Connect

Nowadays, more and more devices are managed through Wi-Fi. Many of these new device types have little to no user interface, making configuration and Wi-Fi network connection cumbersome. The traditional Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) allowed you to log onto a Wi-Fi network with a PIN (Personal Identification Number) or a physical WPS button. For example, most routers today will have a physical WPS button that you can press. However, this has turned out to be an insecure feature that could make your Wi-Fi network more vulnerable to attacks.

The new Wi-Fi Easy Connect protocol was introduced by the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) as the solution. It is also known as the device provisioning protocol (DPP), an alternative to WPS.

Wi-Fi Easy Connect provides a simple and secure solution to adding Wi-Fi devices to Wi-Fi networks. It enables the utilization of another device with a more robust interface, such as a smartphone or tablet, to provision and configure devices by simply scanning a product quick response (QR) code, NFC tag, or downloading device information from the cloud.

Wi-Fi Easy Connect - how it works

Wi-Fi Easy Connect Key Features

  • Simplifies the process of provisioning devices through the use of QR codes, especially for those with little or no user interface
  • Ensures authentication security via public key cryptography
  • Provides a standardized, consistent method for onboarding devices – devices from different vendors can be configured in the same way
  • Supports provisioning for WPA2 and WPA3 networks
  • Enables the replacement of APs without the need to re-add all devices to the new AP

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