Wireless file sharing between iPhone and Oculus Quest

FE file explorer is a third-party file manager for iOS that we highly recommend. It is not only a file manager, explorer but also a powerful cross-device data transfer and sharing tool. Today, we will introduce one of its hidden features that can help us easily share all kinds of files and data between iPhone and Meta Oculus Quest wirelessly.

Setup Web server on iPhone

It is very easy. You don’t need to be technical savvy to do it.

Connect your iPhone and the VR headset on the same Wi-Fi. Follow these simple steps to start the built-in Web Server in the app settings on iPhone.

fe file explorer ftp and web servers settings on iphone

A password is not required if you only use it at home not in some public place. Path refer to the root directory of the web server. Files sent and received between your iPhone and Meta Quest will be saved here. If the files you want to send to Oculus Quest is not saved in this location or path yet, make sure to copy them to the directory using the file explorer app first.

Connect iPhone web server from Oculus Quest

First of all, make sure to connect your VR headset to the same Wi-Fi network. Then launch the Meta browser on the headset to access the iPhone web server address. Do not forget to type in and access the entire web server URL, including the http:// at the beginning and the port number at the end.

Once you are connected to the HTTP server on iPhone using the Meta browser on the VR headset, the file uploading and downloading becomes very intuitive. Hit the Upload Files button to select files on the Oculus quest storage and transfer them to iPhone. Browse to the files and folders, hit the Download icon before a file to save it from iPhone to Meta Quest.

Wireless file sharing on the go without Wi-Fi

Do the wireless file sharing solution works without Wi-Fi? As you may have already noticed the HTTP server address we used in the Meta browser is different from the HTTP server or web server address in FE file explorer app on iPhone. Instead of using a local wifi network to share files between iPhone and Oculus quest, your phone’s HOTSPOT can also be used and as far as I know this transfer will NOT use your cellular data.

Some of you might already know this, but still some may not know, iPhone hotspot can be used to share internet connection.

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