How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Wirelessly over Wi-fi for FREE?

Sharing media files across mobile OS is still a headache. For example, you still can’t send photos from iPhone to Samsung or from Samsung to iPhone over Bluetooth. Today, we will introduce iPhone and Android users a great alternative which can help you transfer photos and videos wirelessly over wi-fi network.

How to Wireless Transfer Photos from iPhone to Samsung or Android?

We recommend Shareit file transfer app which you can download for free from this link. Get it now when it is still available for free on App Store. With this app, the file exchange between iOS and Android becomes really easy. This is a must have iOS app for all iPhone iPad or iPod touch users. It is very handy to transfer photos, videos from iPhone to any other iOS devices, computers or other mobile phones.

Then run the file transfer app on Android phone. Tap Receive button from the home screen to put your Android phone into file receiving mode. This will automatically turn on hotspot on your Android device.

shareit app receiving mode on android phone

Now go to the iPhone >> Settings >> Wi-Fi to connect to the hotspot prompted by the Android device.

Open the file transfer app on iPhone, choose Send, switch to the Photos tab in the Choose Files screen, and tap Send button at the bottom.

choose photos videos files in shareit app on iphone

You will be taken to the “Tap avatar to connect” screen where you can touch the avatar of your Android phone and start transferring all selected photos from iPhone to Samsung or other Android phone wirelessly over your personal hotspot.

You can find more details from this tutorial to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to Android.

Wireless Transfer Photos from iPhone to Samsung or Android using Swift

You need to download the Swift free transfer app for iOS at first.

Best iPhone iPad Photo & Video Transfer App

This free wireless transfer app for iPhone iPad however has some disadvantages, for example, you cannot transfer photos in raw format, when you transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to another device or computer, your image files will be compressed, thus you will lose image quality. I tried to sent photos from iPhone 4S to windows 10 via Firefox browser, it reduced source image from 3264*2448p to 960*720p, the original image is 2.47mb, but the one sent to computer is merely 188kb.

Other than this, it does not have a computer version or Android versions. This makes the media transfer not very easy to use. Its transfer speed when sending big files, such as multiple photos and videos, is slow compared to premium wireless or bluetooth transfer apps.

Run the free wireless photo transfer app on iPhone, you will get a screen like below. It automatically load photos from your Camera Roll. Just pick up any photos you like to share with other mobile phone users and tap Send button.

select photos videos to send with swift transfer app on iphone

You will then open the “Send to” screen where you can choose the target device to send the photos to. If the other phone does not have the wireless transfer app installed, tap No Swift Installed tab, you will then get the photo download link. You can access this link from any mobile phones or computers connected to the same wi-fi network.

send photos videos from iphone to other phones and computers wirelessly over wifi using swift transfer

On your Android phone, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nexus, Lenovo, Sony, open the stock browser or any other browser for mobile to visit the above photo download link from iPhone.

transfer photos from iphone to android wirelessly via wifi

To transfer photos from iPhone to Android or Samsung mobile becomes very straightforward now. Photos from iPhone display on your web browser on Android phone now, you can tap on the Download button below each photo thumb to download the full HD photo from iPhone to Android. You can also tap Download All button to download all selected photos from iPhone to Android phone. However this will download all photos from iPhone to Android in a batch mode and save it as a single ZIP file. This can be a problem for Android users, as we may not be able to open zip files on mobile. So you can choose to download photos one by one from iPhone to Android phone, the transfer speed is really fast. It can even download lengthy videos from iPhone to Android. This is because the data exchange happens in your local network without accessing the internet or external network.

The instructions above can help you transfer media files from iPhone to many Android phones, such as transfer photos from iPhone to Samsung, transfer photos from iPhone to LG, transfer photos from iPhone to HTC, transfer photos from iPhone to Motorola, transfer photos from iPhone to Nexus and many more.

Update Dec 2017: the SHAREit transfer app and wireless transfer solution through Wi-Fi hotspot were added.

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