Yunzhang Chinese calligraphy

Yunzhang calligraphy dictionary contains Seal script(篆书), Clerical script(隶书), Regular script(楷书), Semi-cursive script(行书), Cursive script(草书) five kinds of calligraphy fonts, more than one hundred thousand calligraphy images, authors include Wang Xizhi(王羲之), Wang Xianzhi(王献之), Yan Zhenqing(颜真卿), Liu Gongquan(柳公权), Ouyang Xun(欧阳询), Mi Fu(米芾), Chu Suiliang(褚遂良), Zhao Mengfu(赵孟頫), Zhi Yong(智永), Huai Su(怀素) and so on.

Yunzhang Chinese Calligraphy app features:

  • Simplified conversion: Automatic identification input simplified and traditional Chinese characters, the query results are automatically merged simplified and traditional characters;
  • Stroke index: You can search Chinese characters by first stroke and strokes count of it.
  • English dictionary: You can search Chinese characters by English words.
  • Vector image library: A vector images library of Chinese calligraphy font, it has a small size and no distortion at zoom.
  • Raster image library: A HD images library of Chinese calligraphy font, it retains more detail than vector library.
  • So many calligraphers and examples of calligraphy styles for each character.
  • Multi-language support: Support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English.


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