Zapya File Transfer

Need a faster tool for cross-platform file transfer and sharing? Zapya File Transfer: free, cross-platform, wireless, fast file and data transfer app. It allows you to transfer files from just about any popular mobile and computer platforms in an instant. It is free, cross-platform, wireless, multilingual, powerful and super easy to use.

Zapya File Transfer for iPhone
Zapya File Transfer app

Zero cost: best cross platform, free file transfer; transfer files of any format and size without internet connection or using your cellular data.

Cross-platform: compabitle with phones, computers, tablets, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.

Wireless: Share files from device to device without cables.

Speed: Zapya can transfer massive files between devices with up to 10MB/second or up to 260 pictures in a minute without using data cable.

AirDrop: makes good use of MultiPeer connectivity framework, which is the foundation of AirDrop, to support file sharing among iOS and Mac devices.

zapya file sharing for windows pc

PeerCam: Control the camera of a connected device with peer permission to view and take photos remotely.

QR Code Sharing: One QR code contains files and connectivity! Select files and then generate personalized QR Code. Have others scan the QR Code to instantly join a connection group and start transferring files without touching your keyboard!

Phone Replicate: Moving phone log and photos from your old phone to the new phone is no longer a pain in the world. Without waiting for online backup and downloading, Zapya can easily help your new phone up and running in minutes!

Fast Discovery: With support of GPS location, you now have a fast and accurate way to find nearby devices.

Security: For important files that you want to protect, you can select and lock the files into hidden folder.

GIF Viewer: Collect, view and share GIF animations to social media. All GIF animation images stored in system album will be categorized into “Zapya GIF” album. GIF animation images can be collected by receiving from Zapya friends, saving to phone within Zapya Discover articles, or saving to phone within browser pages.

Group Share: Content sharing can be like in a LAN party! Zapya supports group transfer and offline chat with up to five devices.

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