How to Zip Files on iPhone?

If you have bulk files want to backup or transfer, you may think of compressing them into ZIP or RAR files first. That’s what PC or Mac users would usually do. For iPhone users, we can also find similar file manager apps to do that. Many file manager apps on App Store apps are not free and most free apps are difficult to use with limited features. Here we recommend FileMaster app for all iPhone iPad and iPod touch users. It is the must have file manager app for iOS. And best of all, it is totally free to download and use. Download it for free here when it is still free on Apple App store.

Since iOS 13, you can zip and unzip files using the Files app on your iPhone and iPad without need for a third-party app.

How to Zip Files on iPhone?

zip files or folder on iphone

Run Filemaster on your iPhone or iPad, press the More button to import photos and videos from your Camera roll, photo album or video album into the file manager on iPhone. You can also use the Open in, Open with third-party app, or share feature to add many other files from other apps into the file manager. If your files are saved on a PC or Mac, this app can help you easily copy files from computer to iPhone. See this guide to transfer Photos, Videos, Music and more between iPhone and computer over Wi-Fi for FREE.

Now find the file you like to compress in this file manager, long press it to reveal the file menu with options to zip the selected file. If you want to select and zip multiple files or a folder, simply copy or move files to a folder, then zip the folder on iPhone. To protect your privacy when you have sensitive data included in the document, you can also choose Zip with password.

zipping files on iphone

Depends on how many files you include in the compress file, it may take a while to zip bulk files on iPhone. After that you can use this file manager to easily send zipped files to anyone else through email. You can also share the zip files between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users over Bluetooth, transfer the zip files from iPhone to computer through Wi-Fi.  When you send the compressed zip files to someone, you can also pass on this free iOS file manager, so they can unzip it on their iPhone iPad or iPod touch. And following is the guide with quick steps to open zip files on iPhone.

The iPhone file manager is very powerful and feature-rich. If you have any trouble using it, feel free to leave a message below, we will discuss it from the comment section.

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