Zip files on iPhone iPad

iZip is a ZIP file management tool that helps us zip and unzip files and documents on iPhone and iPad. Other than that, it offers some powerful features to make it a step above the rest, such as reduce image file size while you zip them, preview content in zip file, append files to zip file, etc. You can download the app and find more features of this zip file app for iOS here. You can use the zip app to archive almost all files and docs on your iOS devices, like DOC, Excel, PPT, PDF, TXT, RTF, Pages, JPG, GIF, PNG, audios, videos, just to name a few. To zip files using iZip is easy even for first time users. Here’s how.

Update May 2020: The Files app now can help users archive or zip files on iPhone iPad without any third-party zip or archive apps. It doesn’t come with fancy features, such as limit file size, choose file compression level, but a fast solution to compress files. If you only need a basic file compressor, the Files app is what you need.

Step 1. Add files to iZip

Run the zip app on your iPhone iPad, you will see its home screen like this.

iZip app for iPhone

Tap on Document Browser from the home screen to browse to the files and documents saved in the stock Files app on iPhone iPad. You can import files you want to zip from the Files app to the iZip app. The imported files and documents will be saved to the Files tab in the iZip app.

Step 2. Zip files in iZip

Open the Files tab in iZip app, tap on the checkboxes before the files in the list to select the files you want to zip, then touch the Zip button at the screen bottom.

zip files iphone using izip app
zip files iphone using izip app

You will be prompted to enter a zip file name in the next screen. A new zip archive will be created and saved to the Files category in iZip app.

Zip VS Compress images on iPhone iPad

If you want to send iPhone photos through email or share it with others, you may want to zip or compress them first as they are usually too big to be shared. Go to the Photos tab in iZip app, select the photos, then touch the Zip button, you will then be prompted whether to compress it or not.

zip photos, reduce file size using izip on iphone

If you choose NO, the selected photos will be zipped without compression or quality loss; if you choose Yes, iZip will reduce the size of your photos and zip them. The zip file will be saved to the Files category in iZip app, source images, pictures will not be copied to Files category or anywhere else in the iZip app. You can find more details from this guide to compress and zip photos on iPhone.

iPhone iPad file zip/unzip alternatives

If you need only the very basic zip, unzip functionality on iOS devices, you may also choose a file explorer or manager app other than a professional zip app. Following are some of the popular file managers for iOS you can choose from.

Update May 2020: this article was originally published in Sep 2018 and has since been updated. In this update, the new method to compress files and documents using the stock Files app on iPhone was added.

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